Bloom with Katie

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Who is this Katie Anderson and why should I consider doing therapy with her? What does she have to offer that might be of benefit to me?

Let me introduce myself. I am of an age to have had enough life experience to consider myself wise, grounded, tested and tempered by challenges and resolutions, both as a person and as a therapist. I am also of an age to feel awe and wonder at the resilience, ingenuity and creativity of the human spirit. I am both humbled and honored by my clients' willingness to trust me and and share with me their most vulernable selves.

If you are looking for a therapist who will have all of the answers, be an expert on you and provide solutions for your issues, I am not the right person to call. If you are seeking someone who will assist you in becoming your own “self-expert”, encourage you to be in an honest and compassionate relationship with yourself, and who will speak to your wisdom and health rather than your pathology, please give me a call.

If you are looking for a therapist who is directive, dry and concise, you would not like working with me. I use metaphors and teaching stories as therapeutic tools, in addition to humor, patience and empathy. I provide a safe, gentle and respectful presence, meeting you where you are on any given day. I am committed to exploring issues in my clients' lives which are not serving them well and to identifying and celebrating their successes and strengths.


Experience & Education


BA - Stanford University Art History

MS – San Jose State University Clinical/Community Psychology

LMFT Received 1986



Peer Counseling Program – Stanford University

San Leandro Hospice - Year Long Internship specializing in grief counseling

Chrysalis Counseling Services Internship 1984 – 1986

Petaluma People Services Center Internship 1984 – 1985

River Community Services, Guerneville – Drug and Alcohol Counseling for junior and senior high school students 1986 – 1989

Private Psychotherapy Practice – 1988 to the present

Supervisor at Chrysalis Counseling Services – 2009 - 2014



1986 – 2014 Trainings to Satisfy Continuing Education Units requirements for renewing MFT license every two years


Topics have included:




Human Sexuality



Domestic Violence

Communication Skills

Couples Therapy

Parenting Skills

Death, Dying and Grief

Gay and Lesbian Clients